September 11, 2011

Promise Tamang Phan in Nepal

Promise is back to Usa
Newest post Promise during Nepal trip 
Promise Tamang is a famous youtube guru wth more than 350,000 subscribers(26 most subscribed youtube  guru all time)and surely most subscribed Nepali youtuber.She is originally from Pokhara, Nepal.
She is in Nepal these days.She is really enjoying her trips with her husband and her little dumbo .He is so adorable and cute.Love you dumbo!! and love you promise!!We are proud of you!!
Here is some beautiful videos she made while she was in nepal.These videos make me feel like Promise is a very down-to-earth and humble person, and that makes me like her even more.It remind me of Nepal a beautiful heaven in earth...Promise !! you are great !! we are proud of You

Here is her latest Youtube tutorial (make up transformation)while she was in Nepal

You can see how talent is she from the following picture how she transform her mother so beautiful from her original look.

Promise Tamang Phan : Promise Tamang, a popular youtube make-up guru and probably the most subscribed and viewed high flying Nepalese youtuber with 348,397 youtube subscribers, 46,521,815 total upload views on youtube and more than 100,000 facebook supporters. As a make-up guru on youtube Promise has made her journey for more than 2 year. 21 yrs old self taught promise started her youtube make up journey with avatar make up tutorial, which was awesome and lots of people adored it. Promise believed with make up nothing is impossible, thats how and why she transformed herself into different celebs as well as fictional characters among them angelina jolie and avatar make up transformation is her personal favorite. After getting popularity on youtube she got married to Vietnamese-American descent Steven Phan. Steven saw her avatar picture and was impressed then became her fan, friend and finally husband. Besides Steven, there are Michelle Phan her sister in law who is also a make up artist and her dog nimbus without whom her life is incomplete. At present youtube is her job and she's planing to overcome more with the new make-up's together featuring her sister in law Michelle Phan.
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Her most viewed video is her make up transformation of angolina jolie which is really awesome !!


  1. did she came to america by marrying her husband?

  2. She is awesome!!

  3. It is the third most visited buy youtube subscribers website in the world as over 2 billion video clip views every day.


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