November 5, 2011

Worlds Steepest, Worlds Fastest and longest 1.8 km long skyZIP in Pokhara

Currently, we are goingh through Nepal tourism year 2011.And Government has recently announced to celebrate 2012 as visit lumbini year so these are great opportunities to attract more and more tourists in Nepal.
As we all know Nepal has been great destination for adventure and trekking.And another good news freind!!

High Ground adventures a joint venture of Golchha Organisation and Mangalam Group will be introducing SkyZip in Pokhara which will be the world's steepest, fastest and longest the world most extreme ZIPLINE.
Imagine zipping down 2000ft at a blistering 100MPH+, covering a total distance of 1.8KM in less than 2 minutes, at one of the most scenic locations on the planet!!
wow!! it will be awesome experience!!
GET EXCITED AND GEAR UP! Set you sights to explore completely new varieties of adventure activities that will push your adrenaline to the max, evoke your emotions and challenge your spirits as we offer thrill, excitement and fun that you never experienced
Visit Highground advertures Nepal official page
Sky zip will look like this:

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