January 3, 2012

King Tribhuvan's statue to be removed from Shahid Gate

Monday,After the Cabinet meeting held at Singha Durbar,  Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha said that the government took the decision as “it is inappropriate to display the king tribhuvan's statue along with the great four martyrs  - Ganga Lal, Dharma Bhakta, Dashrath Chand and Sukraraj Shastri - at Shahid Gate  who sacrificed their life while fighting against the oligarchic Rana regime. ” The government  decided to relocate the idol of late King Tribhuvan from the Sahid Gate in the heart of the Capital to the Narayanhity Palace Museum. 

Inaugurated in March 1961, the martyrs' memorial got the bust of King Tribhuvan put in above the ones of four martyrs as per the will of his son, the then King Mahendra, before that it used to be in Narayanhiti Raj Darbar itself.
The Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal has slammed the government decision and announced strong protest against it.

we of course don't want to loss our national heritage, for a while i felt bad hearing this news, but the fact was Tribhuvan supported martyr for sure but he was not the martyr himself and his staue can not be put in top of other four martyr of the people, SAHIDHARU. Previous King(Mahendra)has insulted the martyr by puting the statue of the Tribhuvan in Sahid Gate. THough late, that blunder is corrected by current government. CONGRATE to the GOVERNMENT. WELL DONE JOB!!

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