March 18, 2012

Chapali height collects 70 lakhs in two days

Among the lots of controversies , publicity with sexually aggressive posters and promos(COpy), Chapali Height is released all over major theaters in Nepal on Chaitra 3 friday.Which made a historical collection in Nepali film industry of 70 lakhs in just two days.Its gross collection only on saturday was 50 Lakhs which is the highest gross .The third directorial venture of Dipendra K Khanal and second movie produced by Arjun Kumar, Chapali Height, has a story of sex for adult audience. Hence, it has received an Adult certificate from the censor board of Nepal.

Review of this movie here

xnepali says Technically, the director hasn’t done an appreciable work,but Use of sex and a lot of vulgar dialogues in the movie has made the movie a hit.One of the main weaknesses of the movie is its focus on nudity and vulgarity rather than genuine thrills. The sad truth, none of the actors have done an appreciable work. As the first half of the movie is full of vulgar dialogues and sexual contents, viewers may miss their weakness in acting and dialogue delivery. When the main story starts in the second half, real performance of the actors can be observed. Their acting is average, at best. It has got vulgarity, sexual contents, suspense, thrills but none of them are strong enough to make a memorable and remarkable impression.But anyway it did an great business!!Though it could impress viewers ,It definitely impressed director and producer commercially!! Congratulation!!

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