April 29, 2012

Anju Pant's Naked picture is fake

Early in the morning i was checking my facebook , and i found few facebook pages and some other friends sharing this picture of Anju Pant.Some of the nepali websites published it as a hot news.Anju pant is one of the most popular singer in Nepal with her beautiful vocal.But people always make gossips and rumors to ruin career of one successful person.yeah, that's what it is, though the girl shown in picture pretty much look like Anju , she is just one indian girl . This picture was  in some indian websites long time ago . Someone saw this picture and made a rumor to spoil her career .here is some sites where you can see this picture :
I don't know who is this.....but it is really disappointing ...why don't they think this kind of rumors can ruin someone's career & prestige in society!!.

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  1. could be who knows

  2. http://laibawaheed.blogspot.com/2012/11/elisabetta-gregoraci-hot-bikini-image.html


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