April 10, 2012

Ramesh Kharel's Promotion from SP to SSP

If you don't know Ramesh Kharel he is that legend of Nepal who is known for his integrity and fight against corruption within the Nepali Police Force.

Ramesh Kharel has served as the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Birgunj. His transfer from Kathmandu was a controversial decision, and was likely delayed by public outcry and support for his stay in Kathmandu.The news about his promotion to SSP has brought boundless happiness to Nepali people .Personally I am beyond happy that he has been finally rewarded by Nepal government who has won million's heart with his integrity and honesty to Nepali and Nepali people.It's really hard in our society to find person like him who accomplish one's duty with integrity and enthusiasm .I would like to mention my personal experience how corrupted our society is .Nuwakot, Nepal where i born...first!! my father gave 500 rupees to secretary of vdc and same money to guard or someone in district office to make my citizenship certificate in same day.Same thing happened to make my passport.while i was applying for visa i had to make some documents from VDC ,the secretary charged us for stamp and documents and every paper he signed, not only that he mentioned room rent and grocery!! There was no any other way than giving him what he want ..Bribe!!! Recently i had to make my police clarification from police headquarter from nepal .I told my father , they created so many obstacles to him unless he gave 2000 rupees for CHIYAPANI!! see!! HAMRO CORRUPTED SAMAJ!! me, my father and officials part of it!!!
Everywhere ......every root and every branch .....so that it has already been so hard to demolish it BUT ENCOURAGING SOMEONE LIKE RAMESH SOMEHOW DISCOURAGE THOSE CORRUPTED MIND!! SOMEHOW THEY MIGHT THINK "OH!! PEOPLE ARE PRAISING HIM !! SO MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT RAMESH ,WE CAN BE PROMOTED WITH INTEGRITY AND HONESTY NOT ONLY WITH MONEY , POWER & RECOMMENDATIONS I SHOULD FOLLOW HIS PATH" .रमेश जी लै यस्तो सम्मान दिउकी अरु भ्रस्टहरु डाहा गरुन !!! सोचून ,अहो !! लगन कर्तब्यसिलता र इमानदरिता ले पनि त प्रोमोशन हुदो रहेछ !!! समाजमा यत्रो प्रथिष्टा हुदो रहेछ !! 

During his service in Kathmandu, he cracked down on crime in the city, including controlling the gangs and the so-called "dons" of Kathmandu. He also presided over raids on dance clubs that were illegally working as brothels in Kathmandu. He had similarly cracked down on illegal prostitution during his earlier stint in Pokhara.
Once moving to Birgunj in Parsa District, he has continued the strong policing he was known for in Kathmandu. Even in the first 10 days since his transfer, it was reported that crime was down and the rife corruption within the police force had decreased significantly. The practice of collecting illegal tolls from those importing goods from India was also significantly cut.
Our best wishes is always with him !! god bless him!!! Salute to our legends like Ramesh!!
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