August 18, 2012

Nepali Story JHOLA by Krishna Dharabasi presented by Achyut Ghimire

Now I am die-hard fan of Achyut Ghimire .I really love his voice , and the presentation.Before talking about this story.I would like to talk about "Sati Pratha" a heart breaking bitter history of Nepal .Sati partha -a traditional practice in which a Hindu widow had to cremate herself on the funeral pyre of her husband.‘Sati’ is an ancient Sanskrit term, meaning a chaste woman who thinks of no other man than her own husband. Which has no any co-relation with suicide or murder and has never been mentioned in any scriptures as Sati Pratha.The practice was just the cruel tradition established by those bloodthirsty and merciless male rulers .Sati is often described as voluntary, although in some cases it may have been forced as you can hear in this story.The practice was abolished by Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher Rana on Asar 25, 1977 BS in Nepal.
This story really brought me in that period of time before 1977, it was so anguish moment for me even to remember that some of my ancestors might have gone through this practice.Which brings tears in my eye! This story reveals  that ferocious Sati practice of that time :frightening history.Two moments in this story brings tear in my eye: when son cries in front of sati ( his mother ) and when his mother gives him food before eating even though she is starving from few days.

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